After Care

After permanent makeup is prohibited:

  • for preventing infection, wound healing fast and in order to ensure the result of expectations for two weeks is prohibited:
  • any thermal procedures - massages, saunas, and solariums;
  • swimming;
  • use of resources to promote wound overgrowth, which is different from those that are recommended by the permanent make-up artist;
  • remove rinds himself. It is necessary to wait until they themselves are removed;
  • use cosmetic in pigmented area:
  •  use peeling creams;
  • not to kiss too passionately after lips permanent makeup:
  • not to use foreign dishes after lips permanent makeup

After permanent makeup procedure at home:
 Up to 3-7 days after permanent makeup is recommended to apply to pigmented area special creams. Right after procedure colors look 70% darker but up to 5 days rinds will come off and the right color can come out. If the result is too dark/light it is recommended to do after one-month aftercare to get the exact color you were looking for. 
One day after procedure eyelids and lips may be swollen, helps cold compress. Eyebrows can be tingle a little bit. 

 To help aid in the healing process of your new permanent makeup you have to use Bepanthen Plus to cream your sloughs(they have to be soft). It`s recommended to cream 3-7 days (depends on how long the sloughs will be) after 1-2 hour. Available in pharmacy with no prescription.

Lips after permanent makeup

Lips can be a little bit painful after the procedure and in the case it`s recommended to use pain killers like Ibuprofen. In addition to  Bebanthen Plus it`s recommended also to use for lips irrigation hygienic lipstick. Lips need the moisturizing most from permanenet makeup procedures. Right after the procedure should start treatment against herpes virus or continue Acilovir treatmen.  Acilovir is available with doctor`s prescription.