Püsimeigi studio is located in the center of Tallinn city. Nearby is hotel Olümpia, Stockmann, and EBS.

 Our master is using only high-quality machines and materials. Master Kristel Suvi has a national certificate and 6 years experience. 

The first 5 minutes are the most uncomfortable; the master has to firmly outline the shape she has drawn before any more numbing cream is used. Once this is applied, the area goes almost completely numb, and the rest of the procedure will be a lot more comfortable.

 Client`s have 2,5 hour times, to feel comfortable because client`s doesn`t have to feel, that master is in a rush. Master have all the time for you. Before the procedure master explains  all aspects of the procedure, what to expect, aftercare, and so that you know what you are wanting from your procedure in as much detail as possible.